Research Summary

    My research involves computational partial differential equations and applications there of; more specifically, using asymptotic, numerical and functional analysis to develop efficient algorithms for solving problems for scientific computing in various fields such as computational physics, machine learning and inverse problems.


    2019 August - Present : Postdoctoral Scholar
    Department of Mathematics, Vanderbilt University
    2013 September - 2019 June : Teaching Assistant/Teaching Associate
    Department of Mathematics, UC Santa Barbara
    2011 September - 2013 August : Adjunct Professor
    Department of Mathematics, Irvine Valley College
    2011 June - 2011 August : Graduate Student Researcher
    Department of Mathematics, UC Irvine
    2008 September - 2011 June : Teaching Assistant
    Department of Mathematics, UC Irvine


    Ph.D. Mathematics (June 2019) : UC Santa Barbara, Advisor: Xu Yang
    M.S. Mathematics (December 2010) : UC Irvine, Advisor: Long Chen
    B.S. Mathematics (June 2008): UC Irvine, Honors in Mathematics


    L. Chai, J. C. Hateley, E. Lorin and X. Yang. Convergence of Frozen Gaussian Approximation for Non-Strictly Hyperbolic Systems. (Preprint)
    J. C. Hateley and X. Yang. Convergence of Frozen Gaussian Approximation for Elastic Waves. (Preprint)
    J. C. Hateley, J. Roberts, K. Mylonakis and X. Yang. Deep Learning Seismic Substructure Detection using the Frozen Gaussian Approximation. (Submitted). Preprint., 2019
    J. C. Hateley, L. Chai, P. Tong, X. Yang. Frozen Gaussian approximation for 3-D Elastic Wave Equation and Seismic Tomography. Geophys. J. Int. Volume216, Issue2, February 2019, Pages 1394-1412,
    J.C. Hateley, H. Wei and L. Chen. Fast Methods for Computing Centroidal Voronoi Tessellations. Journal of Scientific Computing, 2014, (DOI) 10.1007/s10915-014-9894-1.